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Barr's Tung Teaser Nymph

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John Barr's Tung Teaser pattern is one of our favorite all purpose nymphs. The Tung Teaser combines elements of the Hare's Ear, Prince Nymph, and Copper John. No wonder it works so well. Barr's Tung Teaser is a heavily weighted attractor nymph. We fish it as the first fly in a two fly nymph rig. The Tung Teaser get's down deep and minimizes the need for additional weight to be added to the tippet. Our favorite sizes for the Tung Teaser are 16-18, however we use the size 12-14 Tung Teasers in heavier spring flows or deep pools.


Tie your own flies? Learn how to tie the Tung Teaser - Tung Teaser Fly Tying Video