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Umpqua ZS Guide Wader Belt Net Keeper

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Umpqua ZS Guide Wader Belt

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Umpqua ZS Guide Wader Belt

The Umpqua ZS Guide Wader belt solves a problem that many anglers have struggled with - how to store longer handled nets while fishing. This belt integrates a handy net sleeve and tool storage. Umpqua has nailed it with this belt. This makes sliding a long handled net into your wader belt much easier than it was previously, and it makes it much easier to get out with one hand while you're fighting a fish as well. The Guide Wader Belt provides great back support as well, making those long days on the water easier on you. There are two ZeroSweep storage pockets that completely shield zingers, nippers, and accessories from hanging up when you're sliding the belt around as well. We've been looking for a good way to hold mid-length nets for years, and they finally came out with a solution - this is a well thought out piece of equipment that has practical uses!

Umpqua ZS Guide Wader Belt Features

  • Two Nipper/Zinger/Accessory ports that are shielded from getting caught
  • 'Reverse' belt tightening system that allows you to easily tighten with one hand
  • Net station that allows for easy entry and removal of long handled and shorter handled nets alike, and has a port for a net release or net magnet
  • 420 denier nylon fabric, and the high wear areas that are in contact with you are made out of Ballistic Corder that is incredibly durable and will last for years
  • 25" by 5", making it a useful size but still lightweight
  • Doubles as a back brace, making long days on the water easier on you

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