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Umpqua Competition Series Hooks

Umpqua's Competition Hook Series offers fly tiers a comprehensive selection of hooks for european or czech style patterns. This hook series features high quality, Czech made, barbless hooks in several styles.

The Styles:

  • C200bl -
  • C300bl -
  • C400bl -

Umpqua's Competition Hooks Description

Competition fly anglers continuously create and master new techniques to increase their efficiency on the water. When every landed fish counts, the hooking and holding ability of their fly offerings demands a style of unique high performance hooks. With the Competition Series, Umpqua offers the very models the best fly fishermen in the world use and trust. Designed in cooperation with individual and team world champions, these high carbon steel fly hooks have large gapes for superior hooking and barbless extra-long needle points to hold fish with minimal impact. 
Competition Series: hook more/land more, just like the pros.
Made in the Czech Republic