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Tungsten Bruised PMD Nymph Fly Tying Materials

The Tungsten Bruised PMD is a late summer killer here in the Black Hills! If you fish anywhere there are PMD nymphs in the water, this is a must have fly. The tungsten bead allows the fly to get down quickly, and also makes it a good dropper pattern off of a dry. The yellow thorax seems to be a trigger to fish that are feeding on PMD nymphs as well. This is a great late summer and early fall fly pattern - tie up a few before you hit the stream! 

Hook - Daiichi 1120 

Bead - Dakota Angler Tungsten Round Bead

Tail - Coq De Leon 

Body - Micro Tubing 

Wings/Legs - Fluoro Fiber

Thorax - Ice Dub

UV Resin - Solarez Bone Dry