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Dakota Angler and Outfitter Tungsten Slotted Beads 50 Pack

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Slotted Tungsten Beads. Black Nickel in Color. 50 Beads per pack. We will be adding more colors to the 50 Packs soon.

New Colors Added! Now available in select sizes in gold and copper. 

Slotted Tungsten Beads are what is needed for tying jig style flies. Jig style nymphs have become popular in the USA after being first developed in Europe. Jig Nymphs sink quickly and bounce along the bottom with fewer snags. 

Use these slotted tungsten beads on the Umpqua c400bl Jig Hook, Dakota Angler Jig Hook, Syndicate Jig Hooks, or Daiichi Jig Hooks.

Slotted Beads work well on Jig Hooks because they keep a round shape that fully covers the bend at the front of the hook. Slotted Beads are heavier than countersunk beads, because more metal is left behind after forming the bead. Slotted beads also work on a wider range of hook sizes when compared to countersunk beads. The slot at the back of the bead has more room to travel when negotiating tight hook gaps. 

Slotted Bead

Countersunk Bead