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Tiemco Adjustable Magnet Bobbin Heavy Duty

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Tiemco Adjustable Magnet Bobbin Heavy Duty 

If you're looking for the best in fly tying tools, the Tiemco Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin is the finest you're going to find. The innovative magnetic drag is like a fine disc drag fly reel, and is the smoothest bobbin on the market. If you're looking for the most precise thread control, this is the bobbin you've been searching for! This bobbin is simply one of the most innovative fly tying tools we've seen in a number of years, and is also one of the most well built tying tools as well. The magnetic thread tensioning device allows a very wide range of thread tension, and has a very low start up intertia much like a disc drag fly reel, which minimizes thread breakages and provides a consistent thread tension throughout the tying process. The Tiemco Adjustable Magent Bobbin also features a built in thread holder to keep your thread from falling back through the bobbin tube when you're storing it. Another great feature of the adjustable magnetic bobbin is the adjustable ceramic tube. Depending on how high your vise height is or how big of a fly you're tying, you can loosen the outer sheath that covers the ceramic tube and simply slide the tube to your desired length! 

Tiemco Magnetic Bobbin Features: 

  • Innovative Magnetic Adjustment system that allows you to have a consistent thread control throughout the tying process, as well as very little start up inertia.
  • Vertically Adjustable Ceramic tube that allows you to tie everything from midges to musky flies. 
  • Thread Holder to keep your thread from sliding back through the bobbin.
  •  Comes in two sizes - White Ceramic for standard flies, and black for tying larger patterns.

If you want the ultimate in fly tying thread control, this is it! 

Tiemco Adjustable Magnet Bobbin Heavy Duty from Tiemco


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