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Split Back Baetis Nymph Tying Materials

The Tungsten Split Back Baetis is one of our most successful flies in the Black Hills in the summertime. Our Rapid Creek Tailwater fish go absolutely nuts for this fly when the Blue Winged Olives are active! This is a great fly anywhere there's Baetis nymphs, which is just about everywhere trout live. It fishes great as a dropper below a dry fly, or tied behind a heavier nymph. Tie a few up, you won't be disappointed! 

Tungsten Split Case Baetis Nymph Materials

  • Hook- Daiichi 1100 size 16-22
  • Bead- Black Nickel Tungsten Bead Sized to hook
  • Thread- 70 Denier Ultra Thread Olive
  • Tail- Partridge dyed Olive or Whiting Brahma Hen Fibers
  • Rib- Clear Micro Tubing or 5x Tippet
  • Abdomen- Nature’s Spirit Fine Natural Dubbing
  • Wing Buds- Black Goose Biots