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Solarez UV Resin Fly Tying

Solarez is incredible UV Resin. While there is always personal preference in fly tying materials; most everybody in the shop uses Solarez as their go-to UV Resin. The simple fact is that it cures quickly with no tack or greasiness. It has proved to be the most reliable resin in our tying has replaced most every resin on our own fly tying benches. 
Solarez comes in a few styles, here's what to use them on. Use the Thin as your all purpose UV Resin. The Ultra Thin is great for heads on smaller flies, coating shell backs, wing cases, and for covering biot bodies. The Thick Solarez builds a very durable epoxy type head on streamers and saltwater flies. Solarez Flex is nice for heads on larger flies where flexibility is prefered, or on any application where a durable yet flexible coating is desired. Solarez is available in several sized containers and in kits. If you haven't tried it yet, or if you have only tried one type, make room for Solarez on your tying bench.