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SMHAEN Tension Control Midge Blue Bobbin

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SMHAEN Fly Tying Bobbins are the Ultimate fly tying tool. Extremely smooth, precise tension control, and high quality construction.

SMHAEN Fly Tying Bobbin Midge- This is the bobbin you have been hearing about. Straight from across the Atlantic. How do you pronounce it? We don't have a clue, but we do know that this bobbin is awesome. The SMHAEN Midge bobbin is the shorter length version. Perfect for tying smaller or flies, or for all purpose tying if you prefer a bobbin with a shorter overall length. Whether you are using light thread or GSP, this bobbin can handle it. The blue accents on the bobbin make it easy to locate on your tying bench, especially if your bench top is as covered in material packages as mine!