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Fish Skull Skullp-Zilla Streamer Fly Tying Materials

Fish Skulls add a nice look and action to any streamer pattern, and this fly drives brown trout crazy! The Sculpzilla streamer from Solitude flies has been one of our most productive streamers over the past few seasons, and this Fish Skull version adds a bit more weight and action. Tie in olive, white, black, and tan!


  • Hook 1: Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks Size 4-8
  • Hook 2: Mustad 3366 or similar arge eyed hook size 4-6
  • Thread: Wapsi UTC 140 Denier Color to match body color
  • Body: White Rabbit Strip (or color to match natural)
  • Collar: Red Saddle Feather fluff, red marabou, or red guinea hen feather
  • Wing: Grizzly Marabou
  • Head: Fish Skull