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Tiemco 100 Hook 25 Pack

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Tiemco's standard dry fly hook. Its slightly wider gape and increased wire strength in smaller sizes makes it the most popular all-purpose hook for dry fly work. 1X Fine, Wide Gap. The Tiemco 100 is a staple in every tier's bin. Avaliable in sizes 12-22.


Tiemco 100 (TMC 100) Hook Specifications:

Dry Fly, Down Eye, 1x Fine, Wide Gape, Forged, Bronze Finish


Tiemco 100 (TMC 100) Suggested Uses:

  • Dry Fly Hook Standard- TMC 100
    • All Purpose Dry Fly Hook, Standard Dries, Parachutes

Other Tiemco Dry Fly Hooks

  • Dry Fly Hook Straight Eye- TMC 101
    • Incorporates the other features of the TMC 100 but with a straight eye. The straight eye opens the hook gap and is ideal for smaller fly sizes.
  • Dry Fly Hook Short Shank, Down Eye- TMC 921
    • The TMC 921 is perfect for shorter bodied dry flies- especially parachute and thorax style dry flies. The TMC 921 has a 2x short shank. The Tiemco 921 is also a great hooks for small nymph patterns. Charlie Craven's popular Two Bit Hooker nymph is tied on the TMC 921.