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Piketola Minnow Fly Tying Materials

Piketola Minnow Fly Tying Materials

This pattern can be tied in all Black and all Chartreuse- these are our two favorites. Experiment with other colors for your fishery.

Hook: Ahrex Predator Hook- we used to use the Partridge Universal X but this is too hard to get in the proper size nowadays. The Ahrex is every bit as nice and readily available.

Thread: 210 denier Ultra Thread- match color pattern Black or Chartreuse

Tail: SF fiber in Black or Chartreuse

Collar: Bucktail - Black or Chartreuse

Collar: EP Foxy Brush 3" Black or Chartreuse

Head: Wide Frizzle Chenille in Black Or Chartruese

Eyes: Fish Skull Living Eyes 10 MM Fire