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Hareline Dubbin Midge Diamond Braid

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Midge Diamond Braid from Hareline Dubbin

Midge Diamond Braid has many uses for the fly tier. We love to use it as a shuck on midge and emerger patterns. To use midge diamond braid as a shuck, singe the end with a lighter and tie it in at the back of the hook shank. Work's great on the Morgan's Midge pattern.

We also wrap Midge Diamond Braid for body material on nymphs and dry flies. It works awesome in braided applications- pick two contrasting colors and try weaving this on one of your favorite new patterns in place of the body. It makes an awesome looking fly. 

Midge diamond braid also works great as a ribbing material for your nymph patterns. I love to tie the red fox squirrel nymph with the root beer colored midge diamond braid as a rib. It looks fantastic! Midge diamond braid comes in many colors, so there's a color for any use.

Patterns Using Midge Diamond Braid: