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Lil' Kim Streamer Fly Tying Materials


Ryan Gabert ties his version of the Lil Kim streamer. This has been our top streamer this year on our Black Hills streams. It also works extremely well on the Bighorn and North Platte. This pattern is typically tied with olive marabou and various body colors (silver, copper, gold). However, feel free to experiment and use other colors of marabou.

Lil Kim Streamer Fly Tying Video Trout Fly

Lil Kim Streamer Materials:

  • Hook: Partridge Attitude Streamer or Gamakatsu B10s
  • Bead: Wapsi Conehead Copper, Black Nickel, or Gold
  • Thread: Veevus Power Thread
  • Tail: Blood Quill Marabou
  • Flash: Opal Lateral Scale 1/69
  • Underbody: Opal¬†Lateral Scale 1/69
  • Body: Hareline UV Polar Chenille Silver (can also be tied with copper or gold UV polar chenille)
  • Wing: Blood Quill Marabou
  • Collar: Nature's Spirit Schlappen or Variant Strung Hackle