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Rio Powerflex Plus Tippet 50 yd

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Rio Powerflex Plus Tippet is extremely strong for it's diameter. Up to 20% stronger than similar diameter tippets. In the best selling tippet size in our store, 5x, Rio Powerflex tippet boasts a full pound test higher breaking strength. An added bonus is that each spool is 50 yards instead of 30 yards.

X Size Leader Tippet Material Test Tippet Diameter 7X Nylon 2.75lbs / 1.2kg 0.004in / 0.102mm 6X Nylon 4lbs / 1.8kg 0.005in / 0.127mm 5X Nylon 6lbs / 2.7kg 0.006in / 0.152mm 4X Nylon 7.5lbs / 3.4kg 0.007in / 0.178mm 3X Nylon 9.5lbs / 4.3kg 0.008in / 0.203mm 2X Nylon 12lbs / 5.4kg 0.009in / 0.229mm 1X Nylon 15lbs / 6.8kg 0.01in / 0.254mm 0X Nylon 18lbs / 8.2kg 0.011in / 0.279mm



Introducing Powerflex Plus - 20% stronger leaders & tippet material from RIO Products on Vimeo.