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Jig Hook Clouser Minnow Fly Tying Materials

Bob Clouser's Clouser Minnow has been proven to be one of the most effective Smallmouth Bass flies ever invented, as well as many other warmwater species! This jigged version of it was invented during a late night tying session on a picnic table at West Bend on the Missouri River, and it's proven to be an effective variation on the original. Tie in a variety of colors, including the standard chartreuse and white, all white, root beer and white, and whatever else you can come up with! 


Hook: Daiichi 4660

Thread:Ultra Thread 210 Denier

Weight/Eyes: Real Eyes Plus

Flash: Krystal Flash

Tail: 1/8 Barred Rabbit Strips

Wing/Body: White Bucktail

Glue: Zap-a-gap