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Iridescent Root Beer Midge

Materials Needed for the Iridescent Root Beer Midge tied by Ryan Gabert in our YouTube fly tying video. 

The Iridescent Root Beer Midge has been a top producing pattern here in the Black Hills this winter. We have also had success fishing this fly on the Bighorn River and North Platte. Typically tied in sizes 18-20, but can be tied in larger sizes for lakes and stillwater. Ryan has found that the root beer color pattern is a great go to, but the color can be changed to suit different conditions. Olive, Red, and Black are worth tying. 


  • Hook: Tiemco 2488 Size 16-22
  • Bead: Gold Tungsten Bead Sized to Match
  • Thread: 70 Denier Brown Thread - Ultra Thread or Danvilles
  • Abdomen: Veevus Copper Iridescent Thread
  • Wingcase/Wings: Fluoro Fiber White
  • Thorax: SLF Prism Dub Rusty Brown