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Hot Headed Leech Fly Tying Materials


The Hot Headed Leech is quite the versatile fly pattern - it can be fished under an indicator, stripped like a bugger, and it can be tied in a multitude of different color combinations. Fish it under an indicator on the North Platte, or strip it as a bugger on your favorite trout stream. Whatever you do with it, this is a fly to definitely have a few of in your box!

Hot Headed Leech Pattern Materials

Hook: Umpqua C900bl

Bead: Red Mettallic Plummeting Tungsten Bead

Thread: Veevus 8/0

Tail: Marabou

Tail Flash: Flashabou

Hackle: Strung Saddle Hackle

Abdomen: Arizona Simi Seal Dubbing – Black Red