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Hans' Little Black Stonefly

Little Black Stoneflies are one of our best hatches in the late winter and early spring. This is a split winged pattern which gives the pattern a fluttering look. We generally fish this pattern in the black variety, but it can be adapted well to match other stonefly species as well. 

Little Black Stonefly Materials

Hook: Tiemco 100 or Daiichi 1100

Thread: Tiemco 16/0 or Veevus 14/0-16/0

Tail: Moose Body or Mane

Abdomen: Charcoal Black Emergence Dubbing

Wing: Dun or Dark Dun CDC split by Black 2mm Foam or Black Razor Foam

Thorax: Charcoal Black Emergence Dubbing

Antennae: Moose Body or Mane