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Green Weenie Tungsten Midge Materials

Guide Dave Gamet fishes this fly religiously everywhere from the Black Hills to the Bighorn River, and he always seems to be hooked up! This simple pattern catches lots of fish. No matter where you fish, I would highly suggest carrying a few of these in your box. 

Materials Needed for the Green Weenie Tungsten Midge Pattern

  • Hook: Tiemco 2487 or 2457 or Daiichi 1130 or 1120 size 16-22
  • Bead: Tungsten Bead Black Nickel sized to match
  • Thread: White or Cream 70 Denier UTC Ultra Thread
  • Abdomen: Olive or Light Olive Veevus Body Quills
  • Rib: Pearl Mylar Tinsel
  • Thorax. Olive 70 Denier UTC Ultra Thread
  • UV resin to coat finished fly