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Flymen Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine

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Fish Skull Articulated Fish Spines

The Game Changer has arrived. The latest innovation from Flymen Company and Blane Chocklett results in unparalleled action on your streamer patterns. By using the fish-spines you can create multi-jointed swim flies that predatory fish can't resist. 

The articulated Fish-Skull Fish Spines can be linked together to form multiple articulations on the body of your streamer patterns. These fish spines are the blank upon which the now famous Game Changer Style fly is tied. Match these articulated shanks with the new Minnow Body Wrap from Hareline Dubbin to craft your own Game Changer Flies. But don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild and experiment with different body materials.

24 Shanks Per Pack (4 shank lengths - 6 of each) 

Tie 6 Game Changer Style per package.

Game Changer Fly Video