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Flymen Fish Skull Baitfish Heads

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Streamer fishing has become increasingly popular in the last decade, with multiple new innovations and materials for tying, not to mention an array of streamer specific rods, lines, and leaders. Throwing the bigger bugs gives you an exponentially increased opportunity to stick the biggest fish of your season, whether it be a big, carnivorous brown, or a giant, crayfish-eating smallmouth. One of the most innovative materials to come out for streamer junkies has been the Fish Skull, made by the guys at Flymen. These fish-shaped coneheads add a considerable amount of weight to any streamer, and the realism needed to fool even the pickiest fish into whacking it. They are super easy to use, and you can put them on almost any streamer pattern. They are super easy to use, you simply tie your fly as you always would, leaving a little space at the head. Then, you glue the head, and slide the skull over the still-tacky glue. Start your thread ahead of the skull, make a few wraps, and whip finish and cement it. Stick the adhesive eyes into the pre-formed depressions. Done. Even the most amateur tyer can make these look great on any streamer pattern. From buggers to zonkers, sculpzillas to leeches, they can add the little edge you need to hook the biggest fish of your season! Stop by and take some for a test-tie, you won't be disappointed!


• Size SMALL for hook sizes typically #8, #6, #4.

• Size MEDIUM for hook sizes typically #2, #1,#1/0.