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Fish Skull Circus Peanut Tying Materials

If you like streamer fishing, this is a pattern that you shouldn't be caught without! The Fish Skull Circus Peanut is an extremely durable pattern that flat out catches fish. This is one of our favorite patterns for the Black Hills, and it's proven itself on the Bighorn and North Platte Rivers as well. Tie a couple up and give them a swim!

Fish Skull Circus Peanut Materials

Hooks: Daiichi 1750 size 4-8

Thread: Ultra Thread UTC 210 Denier color to match body

Tail: Grizzly or Standard Marabou

Flash: Red Flashabou

Hackle: Schlappen or Strung Saddle Hackle

Body: Estaz or Petite Estaz

Legs: Sili Legs

Wire for Joinging Hooks: Senyos Intruder Wire or Tyger Wire

Bead: Large Red Tyers Glass Beads

Head: Flymen Fish-Skull Medium (or small if you want less weight or are tying on hook sizes 8 or smaller)