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Syndicate 11 ft. 2 Weight Pipeline Pro Fly Rod

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The Syndicate 11 ft. 2 weight fly rod is an incredible rod for czech and european style nymph fishing. The 11' 2 Weight Syndicate Rod is becoming very popular with euro nymphers- very sensitive and perfect czech and french nymphing. This rod is extremely lightweight and features an extremely sensitive tip. You can fish all day with this rod and you will feel every tick of the bottom and strike. If you are looking for a competition style fly rod, look no further. The Syndicate Pipeline Pro Series rods offer unparalleled performance at a great price.

Hans has been fishing this rod the past couple of months and is super impressed. The Syndicate rod fishes both short and long leader styles of european nymphing.


11' 2 weight 4 Piece Rod comes with cordura nylon covered rod tube.


Lifetime Warranty