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Echo Shadow II Ultimate Czech Nymph Outfit

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Czech Nymphing has quickly become one of our favorite tactics for fishing fast, freestone waters, and this outfit is the ultimate in versatility and fishability! The Echo Shadow II rod is light and responsive, and it's long enough that you can easily reach over swift currents to fish the far seam. If the rod isn't quite long enough for you to reach with, the Comp Kit comes with two 6" sections that you can add to the rod to extend the rod 6" or 12", as well as a counterbalance that screws into the butt of the rod to balance everything out. The Echo Ion reel loaded up with the Airflow Euro Nymph fly line balances the rod out and allows you to tightline your flies through every fishy-looking pocket! As with all Echo fly rods, the Shadow II comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Czech nymphing is a fantastic method for fishing nymphs to trout, and can be deadly effective when practiced properly. This setup will get you out on the water at a great price, and is the perfect way to get yourself into a Czech Nymph outfit! 

The kit comes with the following:

  • Echo Shadow II 10' 3 weight Fly Rod or 10'6" 4 weight or 10' 2 weight
  • Echo Ion 4/5 Fly Reel
  • Echo Shadow II Comp Kit - 2 6" sections and a counterbalance for the butt of the rod
  • Airflo SLN Euro Nymph Fly Line