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Dry Fly Hook - Fly Tying Hooks

Looking for hooks for tying dry flies? Here are our top dry fly hooks. Dry fly hooks feature a lighter wire to keep the weight of the hook to a minimum and your fly floating high. Dry fly hooks are available in down eye or straight eye styles. In addition, dry fly hooks are available in a variety of hook shank lengths.

What dry fly hook to use:

  • Standard trout dry flies- a down eye standard length dry fly hook. Examples: Tiemco 100, Daiichi 1100
  • Parachute style dry flies- down eye standard length hook.¬†Examples: Tiemco 100, Daiichi 1100
    • If you prefer a shorter shanked hook for your parachute flies try the Tiemco 921
  • Thorax style dry flies- down eye short shank dry fly hook. Example: Tiemco 921
  • Straight Eye Dry Fly Hooks- Examples: Tiemco 101, Daiichi 1110