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Dave's Tie Dyed Baetis Nymph Materials

Guide Dave Gamet ties his Tie-Dyed Baetis Nymph, which has proven itself to be an exceptional pattern when fish are keying on Blue Winged Olive nymphs. The Rainbow Tungsten bead gives this fly a look that not many other patterns have, and the fish eat it with little hesitation! Tie up a few and give them a try next time you're out and the fish are keyed on small mayfly nymphs - you won't be disappointed.

Tie Dyed Baetis Nymph Materials

Hook: Tiemco 3761 or Daiichi 1560
Bead: Hareline Plummeting Bead Rainbow
Thread: Red Ultra Thread 140 Denier
Tail: Hareline Barred Mayfly Tails
Rib: Small Wine Ultra Wire
Abdomen: Medium Flat Pearl Tinsel
WingCase: Medium Flat Pearl Tinsel
Thorax: Wapsi Sow Scud Tan Rainbow Dubbing
Shellback: Clear Cure Goo Thick or Thin