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Czech Quill Body Nymph Fly Tying Materials

A variation on traditional European nymph patterns, this fly incorporates a hot spot as a fish attractor. The key to this pattern is to keep the overall fly slender. We like this pattern as a dropper below a jig fly, or as a tag-dropper on a czech nymph leader. Tie in sizes 14-16.


Hook: Umpqua C200BL Size 14-16
Bead: Tungsten Bead
Thread: UTC 70 Denier
Tail: Coq de Leon
Hot Spot: Fluorescent UTC 70 Denier
Rib: Ultra Wire
Abdomen: UTC 70 Denier
Emerging Wing: UV Ice Dubbing
Thorax: Nature’s Spirit Emergence Dubbing
Soft Hackle/Legs: Natural CDC