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Tenkara USA Takayama Size 16 3-Pack

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This traditional tenkara fly is a nice size fly for many of our trout streams. This is a great all around fly option for those choosing to fish Tenkara style flies.

Tenkara USA Description

Tenkara flies (or "kebari") place less emphasis on imitation and more on the importance of their presentation and manipulation. The simple tenkara fly reflects a general tenkara philosophy: technique instead of gear.

In the spirit of the original tenkara anglers, professional anglers trying to catch fish for a living in the most effective manner, a tenkara fly is generally very simple in character. Thread and feather are the two materials normally used. We make our tenkara flies in the more characteristic sakasastyle (reverse hackle). Though not all tenkara flies have a hackle facing forward, the sakasa-style tenkara flies are the most easily recognizable and probably the most popular style of flies used by tenkara anglers in Japan.
Tenkara USA has curated a selection of four simple tenkara fly patterns used by tenkara masters in Japan. In line with what we have learned from them, we have taken a serious step in simplifying our tenkara fly offering. These are the only flies that Tenkara USA's founder carries in his box anywhere he goes.