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Biot Paraloop Yellow Sally Fly Tying Materials

The Biot Paraloop Yellow Sally is a high floating stone fly pattern tied by our very own guide Dave Gamet. This pattern tempts the pickiest of tailwater fish during the Yellow Sally hatch in the early summer, but floats high enough to be fished on a fast freestone stream without sinking. 

Biot Yellow Sally Materials:

Hook: Daiichi 1110 Size 14-18

Thread: UTC 70 Denier Yellow Olive

Egg Sack: Orange UV Ice Dubbing

Abdomen: Turkey Biot Dyed PMD

Wing: Turkey Biots Dyed PMD over Pale Yellow CDC

Hackle: Pale Yellow or Pale Yellow Grizzly Hackle

Abdomen: Spirit River Fine and Dry Dubbing PMD