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April 04, 2022 2 min read

Sage fly rod fans will really enjoy the new R8 Core rod from Sage - it blends power, accuracy, and delicacy seamlessly into one package. The 9' 5 weight is truly an all around trout rod that you can take anywhere a trout swims and have an enjoyable and successful fishing experience.

Rio Gold - For anglers that fish predominantly dry flies to selective trout, the Rio Gold is an excellent choice for the R8 Core. With a 47' head, this line really starts to load the rod around 30' and excels out to 50-60'. With the longer head, the Rio Gold delivers smaller flies very delicately at a distance, but it isn't a good option for fishing at shorter distances. The Gold and R8 combo is a great choice for anglers fishing to technical tailwater trout with dry flies, dry droppers, and light nymph rigs. The Rio Gold gives you a very delicate presentation at all distances, and gives the rod a lot of feel and accuracy in the 30-60' range. 

Rio Grand - For most anglers, I would say that the Rio Grand is the best choice. With a shorter 38' head, it loads the rod in at closer distances and is very intuitive to cast. The Rio Grand is a full line weight heavy as well, which makes it a great choice for fishing wind resistant terrestrials, heavy nymph rigs, or fishing in windy conditions. The Grand loads the rod well starting at 15-20', and casts accurately out to 50' with ease. It's a great roll casting line as well, particularly for indicator rigs. The Grand is a good choice for fishing smaller streams where casts aren't as far, as well as fishing long, heavy nymph rigs on big rivers. You lose a bit of delicacy and accuracy with the Grand as opposed to the Gold, but you gain significantly more power. 

Rio Perception - The Perception is kind of a hybrid between the Grand and Gold - with a 37' head it loads the rod in fairly close, but retains a good amount of delicacy and presentation. The Perception is a good all-around line for trout fishing with average sized rigs at normal casting distances. This line loads the rod well starting around 25', and is stable and accurate out to 60'+. While not as aggressive as the Grand, the Perception is heavier than the Gold and has a bit more power. This line is a great choice for fishing dry flies, dry droppers, and light to medium weigh nymph rigs.

Between these three lines, you can cover nearly any trout fishing situation you will encounter. The new R8 Core from Sage is an impressive fishing tool - not just a casting tool. Accuracy, delicacy, and feel are unparalleled with the R8 Core. Look for an 8 weight review/line recommendation post coming soon!