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Tying the North Fork Special

November 28, 2012 1 min read

Tying the North Fork Special Nymph

Tied by Ryan Gabert

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Learn to tie the North Fork Special, a fly designed by Tim Wade owner of Cody, Wyomings North Fork Anglers. We use this nymph quite a bit in the Black Hills. The North Fork Special makes a nice lead fly in a two fly nymph rig. It is heavy enough to eliminate the need for split shot in many fishing situations. This variation, tied by Ryan Gabert, has a gold bead and black biots. Tim Wade’s original North Fork Special uses a silver bead and gray biots.

An alternate version of the North Fork Special is tied with tan biots for tails and legs, and a tan dubbed body. In addition, the tan North Fork Special features turkey wing fibers for a back over the abdomen. Turkey Wing Fibers are also used for the wing cases on the tan version of the North Fork Special. We plan to feature that version in another video.

Other potential color options are olive and caddis green.

North Fork Special Nymph
Thanks for watching and happy tying.

North Fork Special Materials:

Hook: Tiemco 2457 size 10-16

Bead: Brass Bead to match hook size

Weight: Lead wire (.025 to .015 depending on hook size)

Thread: UTC 140 Denier

Tail: Stripped Goose Biots

Rib: Brassie Sized Ultra Wire – Red

Abdomen: Hareline Dubbin 

Legs: Stripped Goose Biots

Wingcase: Stripped Goose Biots

Thorax: Hareline Dubbin 

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