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Tying the Fish-Skull Circus Peanut

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Fish-Skull Circus Peanut Video- Express Cut

Fish-Skull Circus Peanut Video- Full Length Tutorial

This articulated streamer was one of my go to streamers last fishing season.  The Fish Skull version of the Circus Peanut Streamer was particularly effective in the olive coloration featured in the video. This color scheme combined with the articulation is very effective on rivers such as Wyoming’s North Platte. It is also effective on the Bighorn River.

Don’t hesitate to tie this pattern and use it on smaller streams too. Big trout eat big flies.

Other good color combinations for the Fish-Skull Circus Peanut would be – Black, Brown/Yellow, Tan/Yellow, and White.

Need materials? Visit us at:

Fish Skull Circus Peanut Materials

Hooks: Daiichi 1750 size 4-8

Thread: Ultra Thread UTC 210 Denier color to match body

Tail: Grizzly or Standard Marabou

Flash: Red Flashabou

Hackle: Schlappen or Strung Saddle Hackle

Body: Estaz or Petite Estaz

Legs: Sili Legs

Wire for Joinging Hooks: Senyos Intruder Wire or Tyger Wire

Bead: Large Red Tyers Glass Beads

Head: Flymen Fish-Skull Medium (or small if you want less weight or are tying on hook sizes 8 or smaller)


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