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News — Warmwater

Warmwater Fishing Opportunities

Ryan Gabert Bass Black Hills Black Hills Fishing carp Fly Fishing high water pike Uncategorized Warmwater

While the trout fishing is still excellent, with the higher water a lot of folks are wanting to chase bass, pike, or carp on the fly. We have a ton of good warmwater fishing locally, with a wide variety of different locations and species to check out. Here’s a brief list of different species we have available locally, as well as locations to try and suggested gear. Expand your fly fishing horizon this summer!

Carp – There are tons of carp within an hour of Rapid City, and it’s a mostly overlooked resource. Carp will challenge even the most seasoned...

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EP A2Z Minnow

Ryan Gabert A2Z ep fly tying Fly Tying Video minnow saltwater streamer Uncategorized Warmwater Warmwater Flies

Shop EP A2Z Minnow Materials

The EP A2Z Minnow is an easy to tie, great looking fly pattern that catches fish! Adjust the colors to match your local fishes preference. Great for bass, pike, walleye, white bass, smallmouth, and various saltwater species if tied on a stainless hook.

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Pierre White Bass

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing Fly Fishing Missouri River Pierre smallmouth bass South Dakota Uncategorized Walleye Warmwater White Bass

Saturday afternoon Karl, Dave and I made the trek over to Pierre to fish for White Bass, and ended up having a pretty successful trip! We got to Pierre around 3 in the afternoon, and the wind was blowing at hurricane-like speeds. Not ones to be deterred, we strung up our 7 and 8 weights with intermediate tip lines and Maxima and tried to stay upright in the wind while walking down to the river. We all had various clouser-style patterns on, and headed for one of Dave’s favorite smallmouth and white bass spots. It was on the upstream side of...

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Flies for the Missouri River

Ryan Gabert Bass Black Hills Fishing Fly Fishing Missouri River pike Smallmouth South Dakota Uncategorized Walleye Warmwater White Bass

Fishing on the Missouri River around Pierre, SD can be some of the most fun fishing of the year. Smallmouth Bass, White Bass, Pike, and Walleye all eagerly take flies throughout the Spring and early Summer. Fishing over at Pierre isn’t exactly technical, and that’s one of our favorite parts about it. If you find a […]

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Flyfishing the Missouri River – Tips, Flies, and Techniques

Ryan Gabert Bass Black Hills Fishing Dakota Angler Fly Fishing Missouri River northern pike Northerns pike Smallmouth Uncategorized Warmwater White Bass

Some of our favorite fishing of the year is when we head east to the Missouri River near Pierre, South Dakota. There are endless opportunities for the warmwater fly angler on the Missouri – White Bass, Smallies, Pike, Catfish, and Walleye are just a few of the species you can encounter throwing a fly over there. […]

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