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EP Predator Pike Fly

Ryan Gabert Dakota Angler ep ep brush fly tying Fly Tying Video musky pike predator streamer Streamers Uncategorized video Warmwater Flies

Shop EP Predator Pike Fly Materials

Give the EP Predator Pike Fly a try – this easy to tie fly swims great, and the pike dig it! EP Fibers and Brushes have been some of our favorite materials for quite awhile now, and the new Predator Brushes are no exception. Great color combos and ultra durable. These make a great head on a pike fly that’s nearly indestructible.

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Kong Pike Fly

Ryan Gabert fly tying Fly Tying Video letera's magnum dubbing pike predator Streamers video Warmwater Flies

Shop Kong Pike Fly Materials

The Kong Pike Fly uses some of the coolest predator dubbing material we’ve ever seen – Letera’s Magnum dubbing makes an awesome, easy to tie head that looks fantastic and holds eyes well. This has been one of our best pike flies this season, and is going to be a staple in our pike boxes from now on!

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Gotcha Bonefish Fly

Ryan Gabert bonefish fly tying Fly Tying Video gotcha saltwater Saltwater Flies Saltwater pattern Uncategorized video

Shop Gotcha Bonefish Fly Materials

The Gotcha is a must-have Bonefish fly, from the Yucatan to the Bahamas. Tie in various shades of tan, pink, and white. You can vary the weight of the eyes to match the depth of the water and how spooky the fish are. If you’re going Bonefishing, the Gotcha is a must have!

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Water Gremlin Weight Fly

Ryan Gabert czech fly tying Fly Tying Video nymph Nymphs Uncategorized video water gremlin

Shop Water Gremlin Fly Tying Materials

The Water Gremlin is a great point fly for tight line and Czech nymphing, and is a solid weight nymph on an indicator rig as well. We often tie this fly in brighter colors, but you can change the colors to closer match your natural insects as well. Chartreuse with a black back and collar is a great caddis nymph pattern!

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Patina Perdigon Jig

Ryan Gabert Dakota Angler fly tying Fly Tying Video jig Nymphs perdigon Uncategorized video

Shop Patina Perdigon Jig Tying Materials

This simple jig pattern is a great box filler fly, and is an awesome lead nymph pattern. Super durable fly as well. Tie in sizes 10-16.

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