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Fly Tying Baetis – Blue Winged Olive – Dry Fly Patterns

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Fall Baetis Hatch blue winged olive trout flies

Getting ready for fall Baetis hatches? Blue Winged Olive hatches are one of our major hatches in the fall, and the fish really take notices of all the little olive bugs on the water. Rapid, Castle, Spearfish, Crow, and Sand Creeks all see significant hatches of BWO’s from mid September through October typically, especially on cool and overcast days. The main portion of the hatch can last anywhere from 2-5 hours, and the...

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Hog Farmer Pike Tube Fly

Ryan Gabert Dakota Angler Fly fly tying Fly Tying Video hog farmer pike tube tying Uncategorized Warmwater Flies

We’ve been using pike tube flies a lot over the past year, and have found them to be incredibly versatile and effective! The Hog Farmer is a simple tube that has caught a lot of pike for us, and it’s a fairly simple tie that can be tied in any combination of colors/sizes. A 4/0 hook will fit directly into the Predator XL Tubing without flaring or junction tubing. If you’re chasing pike or musky on...

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Beginning Fly Tying Classes! 11/7 and 11/21

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We’ve had a number of folks asking about beginning fly tying classes lately, so we decided to schedule a couple! You need no experience to attend these classes, and you don’t need to have any tools or materials either. That being said, feel free to bring your own stuff if you have it and want to use it. We will have two sessions next month – November 7th and November 21st. The class will run from 5-7, and you’ll learn how to tie a few basic but useful trout flies, as well as learning techniques that will serve as a great base for...

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Pike Fly Fishing and Tying Classes

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing Fly Fly Fishing fly tying northern pike Pactola pike South Dakota tying Uncategorized

If you haven’t fished Pike on a fly rod, you’re missing out. It’s some of the most exciting fishing around, and the fish are big and mean. We have several great pike lakes within a 15-60 minute drive from Rapid City, and it’s an underutilized resource to say the least. We’re going to have a fly tying portion of the class, and a ‘how to’ portion the following week – you can take one or both. We’ve been out chasing some around already this year, and it’s going to get nothing but better in the coming weeks.

The Pike fly tying...

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SMHAEN Bobbins

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing bobbin fly tying SMHAEN Bobbin Tools tying Uncategorized

While we’re not quite sure how to pronounce the name of these bobbins, but they’re definitely kickass tools. If you’re serious about fly tying and you dig high quality tools, look no further than these bobbins. They come in two sizes to handle all of your tying needs, and they offer the best thread control and they feel great in the hand. In our opinion, these are the best bobbins on the market at any price.

The first thing you notice when you pick up one of these bobbins is how substantial it feels. The vast majority of other bobbins on the...

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