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SMHAEN Bobbins

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing bobbin fly tying SMHAEN Bobbin Tools tying Uncategorized

While we’re not quite sure how to pronounce the name of these bobbins, but they’re definitely kickass tools. If you’re serious about fly tying and you dig high quality tools, look no further than these bobbins. They come in two sizes to handle all of your tying needs, and they offer the best thread control and they feel great in the hand. In our opinion, these are the best bobbins on the market at any price.

The first thing you notice when you pick up one of these bobbins is how substantial it feels. The vast majority of other bobbins on the...

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New Loon Outdoors Tools!

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing Ergo Loon Loon Outdoors New Tool Quickdraw Forceps Tools Uncategorized

Loon Outdoors has been an innovator in the fly fishing world for a number of years, but their latest offering of fishing and fly tying tools has knocked it out of the park! There’s a lot of other tools out in the fly fishing/tying world, but this selection of tools has definitely upped the ante. We’ve been using these new tools over the past couple weeks, and we’re incredibly impressed!


Loon Razor Scissor

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Hatch Nippers – Why You Need a Great Nipper!

Ryan Gabert Accessories Black Hills Fishing Fly Fishing Hatch Hatch Nipper Hatch Outdoors Nippers Tools

If there’s one thing you use a lot when you’re out fly fishing, it’s your nippers! There’s nothing more frustrating than when you go to trim the tag off your fly or tippet knot and you have to find the ‘sweet spot’ that’s left on the blades of your nippers. In an average day of […]

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