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Reverse Marabou Trout Tube Fly

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Shop Reverse Marabou Trout Tube Materials

This is a fantastic trout spey fly, and you can adapt it to whatever your favorite color preferences are for your local water. If you’re swinging flies for trout, this is a fly you don’t want to leave home without!

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Redington Dually Trout Spey Review

Ryan Gabert Beginner bighorn Black Hills Fishing dually Fly Fishing Gear Fly Rod Reviews gray reef II inexpensive miracle mile missouri north platte Outfit Redington redington dually Review Spey Swing swinging Trout trout spey

Trout Spey has become pretty popular over the past few years, and we’ve jumped on the bandwagon and have found it to be very effective and tons of fun! We got into two handed casting from going on steelhead fishing trips, but steelhead water is far enough away that we only got to do it a couple times a year – trout spey is very similar, and with the lighter rods an average big river trout in the 14-18″ range is a hoot. We’ve fished a ton of trout spey rods over the past couple years, and have had a chance...

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Bighorn River Trout Spey Trip 2017

Ryan Gabert bighorn bighorn river Black Hills Fishing flies Fly Fly Fishing Montana Spey spey rod streamer Swing swinging trout spey Uncategorized

Steelhead fishing introduced us to Spey casting, and it’s become a bit of an obsession over the past several years. It’s a pretty cool feeling when you set up a cast, sweep around, pull your bottom hand and your flies go sailing across the currents nearly effortlessly. When a fish takes a swung fly, it’s a totally different experience than fishing with a typical nymph rig. Your flies and line are under constant tension, and you can steer your flies across the currents faster, slower, broadside or upstream depending on what the run and conditions dictate. You feel every time your...

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Oregon Steelhead

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing Fly Fishing oregon oregon coast Photography Spey Steelhead Uncategorized

Steelhead fishing with a swung fly is a strange beast. I’ve yet to be able to put steelhead fishing into words that do it justice, especially to the uninitiated. When you talk about a good week in steelheading, oftentimes it can just be an encounter with a single fish. A good day can mean a single pull. You can be a hero and hook three fish in a single run, but you can just as easily go a half-dozen days without a bite. If you can pull off the seemingly impossible task of landing one and actually hold one of these...

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Free Spey Casting Demo! – May 27th, 2015

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing Reports fishing Fly Fishing Spey Spey Casting Spey Fishing

Join us for a free Spey Casting demo this coming Wednesday, May 27th at the mouth of Canyon Lake! After the increased interest in two-handed fishing, we’ve decided to have a little shindig and cast a few rods. No experience necessary – Just bring yourself and a pair of waders and a spey rod if you […]

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