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Black Hills Fall Fishing Forecast

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Fall is a great time to be fishing in the Black Hills, and this year is going to be one of the best falls we’ve seen in quite some time. We still have great flows from our wet summer, which is a nice change from our normal low flows in the fall. With the higher flows, the fish tend to run a little larger and be a bit healthier, and you can get away fishing larger flies than we typically would have to fish as well.

Fall in the Black Hills means lots of folks are hunting or getting ready...

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Why You Should Hire a Fly Fishing Guide

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Black Hills Fishing castle creek custer Fishing Guide Fly Fishing fly fishing guide guided trip hill city keystone rapid city Rapid Creek South Dakota spearfish spearfish canyon spearfish creek Trout Uncategorized

We frequently get asked the question, ‘why should I hire a fly fishing guide?’. Everybody wants to go out and catch more fish, but there’s a lot more to a day out with one of our guides than just catching fish. Our team of guides are out on the water nearly every day during guide season, and have all been teaching folks the nuances of fly fishing in the Black Hills for many seasons. Whether you’re new to fly fishing, or you’re a seasoned veteran that’s on their first trip to the Black Hills, a day with one of our experienced guides...

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Fishing Spearfish Creek 5 Techniques and Tips!

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Black Hills Fishing czech nymphing Dakota Angler Fly Fishing spearfish canyon spearfish creek Uncategorized

Spearfish Canyon is one of our favorite streams in the Black Hills, and for good reason. It’s an undammed freestone river sitting in a gorgeous canyon, and it’s filled with wild brookies, browns, and rainbows, depending on which stretch you’re fishing. There’s an abundance of water just in Spearfish Creek proper, plus there’s several small feeder creeks that have great populations of trout as well. Even with the great population of fish and all the water available to the walking fisherman, Spearfish Creek can be a tough nut to crack when you go there for the first few times. Much...

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Spearfish Canyon Video

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing black hills fishing report black hills fly fishing black hills trout fishing czech nymphing Fly Fishing spearfish canyon tenkara trout fishing Uncategorized video

Hans, Ryan, Shaun and Karl got out in Spearfish Canyon a couple weeks ago and shot some video, and this is the end result! Fishing in the canyon is great, and it’s a pocket water fisherman’s paradise – Czech Nymphing and Tenkara excel there, as you can see in this video. This was mostly filmed […]

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Fishing Pocket Water – Tips and Tricks!

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Black Hills Fishing black hills fly fishing black hills trout fishing Fly Fishing pocket water Rapid Creek spearfish canyon spearfish creek tenkara trout fishing Uncategorized

One thing that we have no shortage of here in the Black Hills is pocket water – Spearfish Creek and Rapid Creek have miles of it. Many people overlook this type of water, because it presents certain difficulties and challenges that most fly fisherman aren’t used to dealing with. However, pocket water is a bug […]

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