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Rainy's Slider Head Pike Fly

Ryan Gabert diver fly tying Fly Tying Video musky pike predator slider Streamers Uncategorized video Warmwater Flies

Shop Rainy’s Slider Head Pike Fly Materials

Rainy’s Slider Heads make a great topwater pattern, as well as fishing on a heavy sinking line. We’ve had great luck fishing this pattern on a heavy sinking line like the SA Sonar Titan series. Let the line sink almost all the way to the bottom and start retrieving – the buoyant foam head will keep your fly out of the weeds, but near the bottom where the fish are. This is a great topwater pattern fished...

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EP Predator Pike Fly

Ryan Gabert Dakota Angler ep ep brush fly tying Fly Tying Video musky pike predator streamer Streamers Uncategorized video Warmwater Flies

Shop EP Predator Pike Fly Materials

Give the EP Predator Pike Fly a try – this easy to tie fly swims great, and the pike dig it! EP Fibers and Brushes have been some of our favorite materials for quite awhile now, and the new Predator Brushes are no exception. Great color combos and ultra durable. These make a great head on a pike fly that’s nearly indestructible.

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Kong Pike Fly

Ryan Gabert fly tying Fly Tying Video letera's magnum dubbing pike predator Streamers video Warmwater Flies

Shop Kong Pike Fly Materials

The Kong Pike Fly uses some of the coolest predator dubbing material we’ve ever seen – Letera’s Magnum dubbing makes an awesome, easy to tie head that looks fantastic and holds eyes well. This has been one of our best pike flies this season, and is going to be a staple in our pike boxes from now on!

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New Echo and Redington Pike Rod Setups

Ryan Gabert affordable Black Hills Fishing Echo Fly Fishing Fly Rod kit Outfit pike predator Redington Setup Uncategorized

Pike fishing  with a fly rod has become rather popular around our area over the past few years, and we’ve come up with a few outfits geared towards the fly fisher who wants to start chasing pike at a reasonable price. Both Echo and Redington offer fantastic equipment that is enjoyable to fish at a price that’s equally fantastic. They stand behind their equipment as well – all of the rods we’ve put together in these kits have a lifetime, no questions asked warranty. If you’re thinking about getting into pike fishing or other heavy duty warmwater stuff, check out some...

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