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News — pike flies

New EP Brushes!

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We’ve been big fans of Enrico Puglisi materials, flies, and brushes for quite awhile now, and they didn’t disappoint with their newest round of brushes! EP has the most extensive selection of dubbing, hair, and synthetic brushes by far, and they have something for nearly every tier. Everything from Predator flies to saltwater shrimp to trout streamers, they have you covered! You can make your own dubbing brushes as well, but with the vast selection that EP has available, there’s not a whole lot of reason to. Here’s a few of their new brushes that we really dig.

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Anatomy of a Game Changer Fly

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Tying big flies continues to be an obsession at the shop. These efforts are fueled by some of our recent pike fishing adventures. One unique and very popular fly for larger predatory fish has been the Game Changer, originated by Blaine Chocklett. I haven’t tied very many of these, but throwing big streamers for pike […]

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Ryan’s Big Pike Fly

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Ryan’s Big Pike Fly

For materials visit our Webstore:

Ryan Gabert of Dakota Angler & Outfitter ties a large streamer fly for northern pike. The fly has its origins in the popular Hang Time Streamer, but Ryan has put his own spin on it. This pike fly is sure to be a success this year on Sheridan, Pactola, and Oahe. Tie some of these up in various colors and start rigging your steel leaders.

Materials list coming soon…


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C. Boyd’s Pike Fly

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C. Boyd Pfeiffer's Pike Fly

 Give pike on the fly a try.

This is a simple, easy to tie fly for pike. I first saw this fly in an article by C Boyd Pheiffer in Northwest Fly Fishing. The Body Fur makes a full and durable body. This streamer doesn’t hold water like rabbit fur flies, which makes it much easier to cast.



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