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Jig Perdigone Nymph

Ryan Gabert fly tying Fly Tying Video jig Nymphs perdigone Uncategorized video

Shop Jig Perdigone Nymph Materials

Perdigone nymphs have become very popular over the past several years, as have jig patterns – this is a hybrid of the two. Tie in whatever color combination and size that your local fish dig – a size 14-16 in Olive/Brown works great around our area!

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Jig Slovak Heavy Nymph

Ryan Gabert fly tying Fly Tying Video heavy jig nymph Nymphs slovak Uncategorized

Shop Jig Slovak Heavy Nymph Materials 

Based on the popular Slovenian weight fly, the Jig Slovak Heavy Nymph is a perfect pattern for nymphing fast water, and makes a fantastic point fly on a czech nymph setup. Great fly that’s easy to fill the box with!

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Pseudo Quill Jig

Ryan Gabert fly tying Fly Tying Video hemingway jig Nymphs quill synthetic transparent Uncategorized video

Shop Pseudo Quill Jig Fly Tying Materials

Jig flies have become some of our most productive patterns over the last few years, and this twist with the new Hemingway’s Synthetic Quills makes them even more realistic. Great pattern for the Black Hills and beyond!

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