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Pink Squirrel Walt’s Jig

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Shop Pink Squirrel Sexy Walt’s Materials

The Pink Squirrel has been a staple in the driftless region for quite some time now, and this hybrid with a Sexy Walt’s is a fantastic fly for opportunistic small stream trout. This makes a great attractor nymph in larger sizes, and in smaller sizes it’s a great dropper below a hopper or terrestrial!

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Tying with Dave Gamet- Tying the Soft Claw Craw Crawfish Fly

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Dave’s Soft Claw Craw

Dave Gamet of Dakota Angler & Outfitter ties his Jig Craw, a consistent producer for us on everything from brown trout to smallmouth and carp. This crawfish fly is a must have on the missouri river near pierre and on Lake Oahe. We have also fished this in Wisconsin on the Flambeau river, and the bass loved this soft claw crawfish fly. Tie up a few to stuff in your warmwater box, you won’t be disappointed!

The Soft Claw Craw features materials that give the fly...

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