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Fly Tying Video Micro Chubby Chernobyl Dry Fly

Hans Dry Flies Fly Tying Video Terrestrials

The Micro Chubby Chernobyl is a fantastic attractor dry fly. This downsized version of the popular Chubby Chernobyl is perfect for smaller streams or for fish that have seen too many of the larger version. Choosing the correct hook for tying the Micro Chubby Chernobyl is important to preserve the hook gap. We like the Kumoto Wide Gap Dry Fly or the Firehole 413 (barbless)

Materials available at- Micro Chubby Chernobyl Fly Tying Materials


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Body Quill Perdigon

Hans Black Hills Fishing Fly Tying Video Nymphs

This video features the Body Quill Perdigon- A quick and easy perdigon pattern that has a subtle bit of flash. The body of the fly is made of Hends Body Quills, a thin translucent tinsel. This a super effective and slightly less flashy Perdigon pattern. We find it works well in smaller sizes (16-18), especially in waters with Baetis nymphs.

Materials at :Body Quill Perdigon Fly Tying Materials

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Fly Tying Video Black and Pearl Perdigon

Hans Fly Tying Video Nymphs

Perdigons are extremely effective flies, and they’re incredibly durable! They sink like a rock and they’re great for fishing pocket water and Euro-style nymphing. This color combination works great locally, but try some in purple, forest green, chartreuse, and all black as well.

Purchase Fly Tying Materials
Black and Pearl Perdigon Fly Tying Materials

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Fly Tying Video Iron Thorax Nymph

Hans Fly Tying Video Nymphs

How to tie the Iron Thorax Nymph. A version of the Pheasant tail nymph originated by Rocco Fasone. We discovered it in the Solitude Flies Catalog. Very effective pattern tie in natural pheasant with a red thorax, olive pheasant with olive wire, and black pheasant with blue wire. We substituted Fluoro Fiber for the pheasant tail legs of the original. Many versions of the pheasant tail nymph have included copper wire as a thorax, including the original tied by Frank Sawyer.

Shop for fly tying materials:

Iron Thorax Mayfly Nymph Materials

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Fly Tying Video- Garcia’s Rojo Midge

Hans Emergers Fly Tying Video Nymphs

Learn to tie the Rojo Midge. Original pattern by Greg Garcia. This is an extremely effective midge pattern. On our local tailwater where fish can be picky, this fly fools even the wariest fish. We have had great luck tying this fly with purple, olive, tan, and red bodies. To change the color of the fly simply change the color of your tying thread.

Shop for materials

Rojo Midge Fly Tying Materials

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