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Fly Tying Video- Fish Skull Articulated Minnow

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Tying the Fish Skull Articulated Minnow

The Fish Skull Articulated Streamer is an articulated streamer pattern tied with the new articulated shanks from Flymen. The articulated shanks can be used to join the trailing hook via the loop at the back of the shank. If you want a trailing hook that moves more freely, attach the trailing hook with nylon coated stainless steel wire or braided fishing line.

This streamer is tied to imitate a minnow, but this fly can be tied in several colors.


  • Hook:

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Tying the Fish Skull Skullp-Zilla Streamer

Hans articulated streamers big trout fish skulls fly tying Fly Tying Video solitude flies streamer fishing Streamers

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