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What is Euro Nymphing?

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Quick note: Euro Nymphing has evolved and has largely absorbed the terms Czech Nymphing, Polish Nymphing, Spanish Nymphing, and French Nymphing.

What is Euro Nymphing? As with many things in fly fishing, the answer can be long and may contain more details than our increasingly short attention spans can sit through. Let’s try to keep it as simple as possible: Euro Nymphing encompasses techniques developed across Europe during fly fishing competitions. These competitions don’t allow for weights or strike indicators to be added to the leader. A style of nymph fishing...

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Black Hills Fishing Report – 3/10/2017

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We’re having a little return to winter today, but the forecast for this weekend is looking promising to get out and do a little fishing! Fishing in the Black Hills has been great over the past few week, and should continue to be fantastic. Flows on a couple local streams have come up a bit and made fishing considerably easier, and the BWO hatch has started many places as well.

Rapid Creek below Pactola doubled in flow a few days ago, which is fantastic for the fishing and the fish. When the water comes up a bit the fish spread...

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How to pick a Czech Nymph Setup!

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing czech czech nymph czech nymphing Fly Fishing Nymphing Rapid Creek spearfish creek Uncategorized

Czech Nymphing is quickly becoming one of our favorite ways to fish, partly because it’s so effective, but mostly because it’s a ton of fun! It’s a foreign way of fishing to a lot of folks we run into in the shop and out on the water, and many people don’t give it much of a thought. Czech nymphing in our opinion is the most effective and versatile way to nymph fish, especially in fast water. Here’s a short rundown of what we think you should look for when hunting for a Czech Nymph rig!

Rods – There are a plethora of...

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Fishing Spearfish Creek 5 Techniques and Tips!

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Spearfish Canyon is one of our favorite streams in the Black Hills, and for good reason. It’s an undammed freestone river sitting in a gorgeous canyon, and it’s filled with wild brookies, browns, and rainbows, depending on which stretch you’re fishing. There’s an abundance of water just in Spearfish Creek proper, plus there’s several small feeder creeks that have great populations of trout as well. Even with the great population of fish and all the water available to the walking fisherman, Spearfish Creek can be a tough nut to crack when you go there for the first few times. Much...

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The Easy-Nymph Rig

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing black hills fly fishing czech nymph czech nymphing Nymphing Rapid Creek spearfish creek Strike Foundry Uncategorized

Nymphing can be a mystifying game at times. How far should your indicator be from your flies? How far from your weight? How much weight should you use? When fishing nymphs and indicators on a traditional tapered leader style setup, commonly called a “Bighorn Rig”, there’s a lot of variables that can be left up […]

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