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Hare’s Ear Czech Nymph

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Shop Hare’s Ear Czech Nymph Materials

This fly has been a moneymaker this year on Spearfish Creek! Nice and heavy, and it makes a fantastic bottom fly in a Czech style rig. Adjust the colors to match your local fish, but this Hare’s Ear version works very well!

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How to pick a Czech Nymph Setup!

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Czech Nymphing is quickly becoming one of our favorite ways to fish, partly because it’s so effective, but mostly because it’s a ton of fun! It’s a foreign way of fishing to a lot of folks we run into in the shop and out on the water, and many people don’t give it much of a thought. Czech nymphing in our opinion is the most effective and versatile way to nymph fish, especially in fast water. Here’s a short rundown of what we think you should look for when hunting for a Czech Nymph rig!

Rods – There are a plethora of...

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The Easy-Nymph Rig

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Nymphing can be a mystifying game at times. How far should your indicator be from your flies? How far from your weight? How much weight should you use? When fishing nymphs and indicators on a traditional tapered leader style setup, commonly called a “Bighorn Rig”, there’s a lot of variables that can be left up […]

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Tying Dave’s Hot Bead Soft Backed Baetis Nymph

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Tying Dave’s Hot Bead Soft Backed Baetis Nymph

dave's soft backed baetis nymph

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Learn to tie Dave Gamet’s Hot Bead Soft Backed Baetis Nymph. This is a proven pattern here on our Black Hills trout streams and on the Bighorn River.

Thanks for watching!

Soft Backed Baetis Nymph Materials:

Hook: Tiemco 212y Size 15-21

Bead: Hareline Plummeting Tungsten Bead or Tyer’s...

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Tying the Hunchback Scud

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Hunchback Scud

The Hunchback Scud, a great scud pattern from Michael McLellan. The Hunchback Scud features a superb profile and weighted enough to get down deep. This is a relatively easy tie and it works great. The toughest part of the tying sequence is attaching the lead weight to the top of the hook shank.

Materials Link: Hunchback Scud

Happy Tying

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