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Flash Worm

Ryan Gabert czech czech nymph flash worm fly tying Fly Tying Video nymph Nymphs video

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This simple Czech nymph is easy to tie, and the combination of flash and natural dubbing make for a killer fly. Works great in larger sizes as a weight nymph and is a good dropper in sizes 16-18!

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Kaleidoscope Jig

Ryan Gabert czech fly tying Fly Tying Video heavy jig kaleidoscope nymph Nymphs peacock Uncategorized video weight

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Flash, Peacock Herl, and a soft hackle – what’s not to like about this fly? Great attractor nymph and perfect lead fly in a nymph rig. Natural peacock herl is hard to resist for trout!

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Krystal Perdigon

Ryan Gabert czech fly tying Fly Tying Video mayfly midge nymph Nymphing Nymphs perdigon tying video

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These simple flies are incredibly durable and sink like a rock. Great on a Czech Nymph rig, as well as general purpose nymphing. We like them below a terrestrial pattern in the summer a lot as well!

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Tungsten Czech Scud

Ryan Gabert czech fly tying Fly Tying Video nymph Nymphs scud Uncategorized video

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This is a simple fly that’s a great point fly on a Czech nymph rig, as well as a good weight fly on an indicator rig. Pink, Orange, and Chartreuse are our best colors locally, but tie to suit your local fish. Size 12 is a good starting point!

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Water Gremlin Weight Fly

Ryan Gabert czech fly tying Fly Tying Video nymph Nymphs Uncategorized video water gremlin

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The Water Gremlin is a great point fly for tight line and Czech nymphing, and is a solid weight nymph on an indicator rig as well. We often tie this fly in brighter colors, but you can change the colors to closer match your natural insects as well. Chartreuse with a black back and collar is a great caddis nymph pattern!

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