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Gypsy King Cranefly

Ryan Gabert adult crane cranefly Dry Flies Fly fly tying Fly Tying Video gypsy hans king Terrestrials Uncategorized

Shop Gyspy King Materials 

If you’re fishing cranefly adults, this is one pattern you don’t want to be without – we had fantastic luck this year both dead drifting and skittering this pattern.

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Camel Light Cranefly

Ryan Gabert camel light cranefly Dry Flies fly tying Fly Tying Video Terrestrials Uncategorized video

Shop Camel Light Cranefly Materials

Despite the cigarette filter look, this fly works amazing when there’s craneflies around. Trout love these big bugs, and they’ll go out of their way to eat them typically. Works great both dead drifted and skittered!


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Cranefly Larva – Crane Fly Nymph

Hans crane fly cranefly fly tying Fly Tying Video Nymphs trout fishing trout flies

Cranefly Larva – Crane Fly Nymph

Craneflies are an often overlooked trout food. A version of this pattern was shown to me in my first summer of fly fishing. I will be forever grateful to that unknown angler for clueing me into craneflies. This pattern has been very effective on Black Hills streams, and has worked well on larger tailwaters such as the Bighorn. In recent insect sampling we have seen an increasing number of Cranefly larvae in Rapid Creek. Try this crane fly nymph pattern in sizes 4-10.


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Hans’ Adult Cranefly

Hans Carp Flies crane flies cranefly Dry Flies dry fly fly tying Fly Tying Video trout fishing trout flies Tying trout flies

Hans’ Adult Crane Fly Pattern

Craneflies are often overlooked by trout anglers as a food source. Craneflies, both in their larval form and their adult form, can be very abundant. On our local waters I have had tremendous luck the past several seasons fishing both the larva and the adults.

This adult pattern came about after watching two large rainbows fight over an cranefly that was skittering down a riffle on our local tailwater. I tied up a couple of these and caught several fish on the next outing.


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