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News — Carp Flies

Ryan’s Crawl Daddy Crayfish

Ryan Gabert Carp Flies crawl daddy crayfish fly tying Fly Tying Video Streamers Uncategorized video Warmwater Flies

Crayfish are a very important part of the diet of warmwater fish, and this pattern works great for fish feeding on them! Largemouth, Smallies, Walleyes, and Carp all can’t resist the Crawl Daddy. Brown has been our best color, but play around with different color combos to see what your local fish like!

Shop Ryan’s Crawl Daddy Crayfish Fly Tying Materials Collection

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Fly Tying Video – Ryan’s Jig Crawfish

Ryan Gabert Carp Flies crawdad crawfish fly tying Fly Tying Video Streamers Uncategorized video Warmwater Flies

Crayfish are in integral part of the diet of bass, walleye, and various other warmwater species. We’ve caught some of our biggest bass to date on flies like this, and for good reason. The Jig Crawfish has an up and down action that they can’t resist! Easy tie that catches a ton of fish – tie a few up.

Shop Jig Crawfish Tying Materials Collection

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Carp Fly Fishing 101 Carp Basics

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing black hills fishing report black hills fly fishing carp Carp fishing Carp Flies carp fly fishing Fishing Report Fly Fishing

Carp Fishing is growing in popularity each year here in the United States, and for good reason – Carp are widely available to the majority of people. They grow to very large size – even in marginal Carp waters you still have a shot at a legitimate 20 pound fish many days. They’re smart, wary, […]

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Greg’s Flats Fly

Hans bonefish Bonefish Flies Carp Flies fly tying Fly Tying Video greg's flats fly Saltwater Flies

Tying Greg’s Flats Fly for Bonefish

I found this fly referenced in Dick Brown’s book Bonefish Fly Patterns and on several blog’s online- specifically the excellent DIY Bonefishing Blog. Greg’s Flats Fly was created by Greg Miheve. The calf tail claws make this pattern stand out. Don’t go on your next trip without several in your fly box.

Materials to tie Greg’s Flats Fly can be found here: Greg’s Flats Fly Materials

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Bonefish Bitters Fly

Hans bonefish Bonefish Bitters Bonefish Flies bonefishing Carp Flies fly tying Fly Tying Video Saltwater Flies

Tying the Bonefish Bitters

The Bonefish Bitters has become a standard in and a must have pattern for just about any bonefishing destination. Originated by Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon flies, the Bonefish Bitters, can be tied in sizes 10-6. The color of the head (the epoxyed bead chain eyes) is typically tinted. Use a tan or brown tinted fly over sand, rubble, or mud bottom. Olive is a good color for fishing over grass. Orange or Pink are great colors for attracting strikes. In this version I use clear...

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